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... and face, and body. Our formulas aren't fussy. They're for all faces and bodies - and can be used anywhere when you need a helping hand.

Your Skin

Skin feeling drier than an all-nighter at the library? Pores freaking out after a big weekend? We’ve all been there. That’s why we developed some great formulas for stressed-out skin.

Our Thing

But we don’t stop with skin. Our formulas are here to bust that bloat, help your pounding head and stop your mind from scrolling when it should be sleeping. We’ve added aromatherapy oils and active ingredients to all our blends, so they’re out here with some serious benefits.

The Planet

At Aroma Active Laboratories, we’re all about plant power that doesn’t hurt the planet. All our products are vegan, made from natural ingredients and wrapped up in recyclable packaging. Wins for your skin, and the world. 

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The Soothing Solid Lip Oil is probably my favourite product. I keep it on me all day long, since I never know when I'll need it. A lot of lip balms feel really thick on your lips and leave a nasty taste, but not this one! It's super hydrating ans smells amazing.