Tube Key
Tube Key
Tube Key

Tube Key

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A clever, stainless steel key to help you reduce waste by reaching all of the formula in our recyclable product tubes.

How to use:

Simply slide the key over the bottom of the aluminium tube. Wind up as you use the formula to get every last bit.


Aroma Active Laboratories turns to nature to find the solutions to modern problems, transforming herbs and essential oils into products that help you adapt and bounce back from life’s challenges. No nasties. No preservatives. Just good ideas from nature.


Aching muscles, tired eyes and sleepless nights; we’re here for you when you’re not feeling yourself. That’s why every formula from Aroma Active Laboratories is developed to soothe body and mind, so you can relax and unwind.


Every essential oil in our natural formulas is selected for its unique ability to soothe stress, calm inflammation, promote sounder sleep and support overall wellbeing. Aches and pains have nowhere to hide.

Brilliant brand and so affordable!
- Kat